Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hunting in the Colne Valley

The Ver-Colne Valley Walk

I quite like walking around Watford. It's on the main line North from Harrow, the Abbey Line 'Abbey Flyer' to St Albans, and the Metro to Harrow Hill.

Which often suggests a linear walk or two could be undertaken.

Water Lane got its name because it kept getting flooded by the Colne!

Indeed a few have been - the canal walk South from Kings Langley to Cassiobury and a another from the same place East to Bricket Wood for instance.

Marked on my map there was a path from the high street North. The 'Ver-Colne Valley Walk'.

It has a page on the LDWA website. Although the waymark shown I think predates this and is from a different trail (see below).

The 5 1/2 mile section to Bricket Wood looked about right.

Should be a doddle, it being a proper LDP an all, with waymarks and everything.


I found every waymark but:

Ebury Way Cycle Path
Colne Valley Cycle Route
Abbey Way Cycle Path
Hertfordshire Way
Morgan Trail Bridleway
Radlett Walks No. 9
Abbot Trail

London Orbital Bridle route H25

Abbey Line Trail
Ver Valley Walk
St Stephen Parish Circular Walk
Abbey Flyer Walks
It wasn't until I got to the junction of the rivers Colne and Ver that signs for an older 'Ver Valley Walk' (The waymark is picture no. 12 here) started appearing.

This seems to pre-date the current River Ver Trail
Beech nuts...
 I'm not the only one! Here (again), here and here
... for them pesky squirrels
As walks go it was quite interesting (apart from the start at the back of Tesco) running along the Colne passing familiar parts of Watford but viewed from riverside or parks. 

As it left Watford the surroundings got more rural and more relaxing, full of horses and fields and stuff.

This is where I got spatially misplaced (ahem)

...horses and fields...

I learned a bit of local history and I got my 'fix'.

...and stuff

A small lunch in a very busy The Gate at Smug Lane washed down with a couple of very nice beers completed the day.

Full of food and Youngs and Charles Wells beers...
...and people

Now I've got to link the High Street with Cassiobury Park to complete an orbit of the town.

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