Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Short Herts Way meander

Kings Langley to Bricket Wood 5 1/2 mile stagger

Courtesy of OS
A beautiful late Summer day.

Nothing but wide open views.

A lovely dappled wood

or two

And the noise of the M.25.

And a dirty lens.

But apart from that,

most relaxing.

This didn't seem a very safe place to stand...

Among the fine detached houses of Bricket Wood

there was an old Bedford Fire engine!

Earlier The Bell at Bedmont was shut (well it was only 10:30)

But The Gate, Smug Lane, Bricket Wood (What a good name for a road that has good pub in it!) supplied an excellent pint to round of a pleasant walk.

Being a Londoner I was a little confused at there being no way to get a ticket at the station, but apparently you just accost the guard when on board 

(but there wasn't one, so I didn't)

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