Thursday, 6 September 2018

Well, what an August...

Busy august this year....

Started off with a visit to the GBBF...

...with my neighbours. An unexpected invitation as a consequence of my neighbour ground-clearing a section of my front garden (while I wasn't there) so he could get his trailer out!


A couple of days later my Son and I took my 50 year old Rapier to 187 miles to Chester and the National Sunbeam Owner's Club meet.

It was his birthday that weekend so the whole family met us there for a celebration.

An unexpected bonus was a Tom Jones concert; he was due to appear the week before but had cancelled because of illness.

While I was there I met a previous owner of my car, Geoff Woolf (another Mr. W.), and we exchanged stories.

Quite a few Rapiers joined us, including two with an interesting family story; it seems that their original car was sold and lost for years before being tracked down and re acquired. In the meantime they'd bought a replacement. All H120's.

Chester, as it turns out, is a really nice place.

A bit like York, with its wall...

...and cathedral and old buildings an' such.


Saw a Peregrine Falcon on a weather vane...

I'd bought some Rostyle wheels on eBay, which I had arranged to pick up from Easingwold. This made the journey home a mammoth 332 miles!

Apart from hot oil and a slightly louder gearbox, the old chap performed marvellously!


At the end of the month my Son, friend and I embarked on the 350 mile test of will that was the Pennine Cycleway.

My goodness that was hard.

A 350 mile journey from Etwall to Berwick-on-Tweed, full of pain, stunning scenery, beer and very friendly people.

I thought we'd easily make 35 miles a day. I'd been practicing cycling over Harrow Hill to and from work, and during the lunch hour. What could go wrong...

I didn't realise that almost every day was 6 to 8 hours of Harrow Hills, one after another, all the time, continuously!

I can't believe how much we ate!

And I missed out on my wedding anniversary! I don't know how my wife puts up with me...

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