Friday, 9 December 2016


Aah, November.

Velvet Shank?

The last of our massive tomato harvest...

The colours of Autumn...

Still not a frost, but oh, the light!

A giant Moon,

A dazzlingly bright Venus.

(sorry no picture)

Even squeezed in a small reunion.

Pauline, yours truly & Lorna

Thirty years since I walked the Pennine Way.

Not many people turned up but our hosts Pauline & Ken were great.

As was the German market in Birmingham


It was nice to catch up, but also shocking the amount we have all changed!
Miserable bugger.
New Street Station was unusual

What let the trip down was The Royal Hotel. We stayed two nights - Friday and Saturday. They warned us it would be noisy when we booked and there was an apologetic letter in the room. We were still unprepared. Two nights spent trying to sleep inside a disco was not my idea of fun. Lesson learned.

At least we weren't the victim of an internet cockup like Lorna. Apparently she booked via Trip Advisor who when they transferred her to, promptly booked her into The Royal in Kent! Mind, I think she got off light. At least she got some sleep: She and her hubby stayed with Pauline.

Car's still at the garage, 8 weeks now to sort out a bit of paint. Sigh. I'll be driving it home on salty roads now.

Courtesy of t'internet

I still haven't tried out my bivy bag, maybe over Christmas... (brrr)

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