Monday, 17 October 2016

Dunstable Downs

Half a figure-of-eight between Whipsnade and Dunstable


'Ancient Monument' in Dunstable
The plan was to pick up my car from the garage by walking from Dunstable to Iknield Farm.

But it wasn't ready.

Whipsnade's Tree Cathedral
We had already bought tickets so we decided to go anyway,

extending the walk into a figure-of-eight so we could travel back the way we had come.

A direct train from Harrow to Dunstable was possibe but involved visiting Farringdon tube station to pick up a Thames Link.

We arrived fairy late so we then decided to take a bus to Whipsnade and do half the walk!

Mayor's house and police station!
 A welcome break on this popular walk was made at the Gateway Visitor Centre, with its strange air scoop designed to provide green heating (or cooling depending on the time of the year) to the building.

 A nice day.
Data from OS
Lastly, found in Dunstable:

A barber's full of old guitars. Some of them signed!


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