Wednesday, 10 August 2016

An odd and an end. Not in that order.

The 'Odd' as in 'Odd day out'...

Can't seem to get out lately. Just grabbed a moody day on Harrow Hill.

I spent a captivating half hour watching this fellow, hovering and diving just a few yards from his audience as they walked over the hill.

Even got a vid:


...the 'End' is an 'End to the Rapier being off the road for a week'

It's just passed an MOT. How on earth did it get worn swivel and trackrod joints?

It didn't help that I broke a bolt trying the get the old swivel joint out!

Worryingly, I found several bolts loose, including those holding my brakes together! It doesn't inspire confidence. I think I'll have to go over the whole car.

All better now.

I met up with another Rapier owner at 'Classics on the Green'. I got some reference pictures for the garage so they can identify the bits of trim they've yet to find for my car! At least they found my air filter.

Sill kick plate
Battery clamp

Door switch

Sill cover finishing cover

There were a few other niggles...

  • Pentastars (wing badges) in the wrong place *
  • Door light switches missing *
  • Incorrect wheel nut *
  • Door switches missing *
  • Trim across back window not in the right place *
  • Rear carpets too short? *
  • Sill cover trim pieces missing (front wheel arch) *
  • Front carpets - not secured (found three buttons, though). Passenger side has hole *
  • (sunroof plastic runners missing?) *
  • Handbrake cover missing ?
  • Soft paintwork! * - already chipped in two places.
  • Spare wheel not restored (Mind, this doesn't match the other four) *
  • No air filter *
  • Missing or wrong screws holding door card on *
  • Broken stud on passenger door card *
  • Various screws holding trim wrong *
  • Too much paint on front grill and headlight surrounds *
  • Number plate typeface nearly correct
  • Wrong battery clamp *
  • Pin stripe on drivers door not straight *
  • Carpet in centre console - should be vinyl *
  • Front o/s rubber on overrider missing (bolt loose *)
  • Sill kick plates missing *
  • Seatbelt mountings too tight (spacers missing?) *
  • Box section under passenger footwell cracked *
  • Vacuum ‘T’ piece missing (brake servo)
  • Play in front n/s wheel geometry* - This was the swivel joint and a track rod balljoint

A bit worried about the paint, it seems awfully easy to chip

Apart from all that, nothing wrong really...

Also saw this at the 'Green. Apparently only 26 off ever made:

Anyone know what it is?

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