Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I had to laugh yesterday...

On a lunch time jaunt around the local area I was reminded of a phrase my Dad used to say.

On spying a couple of young lads, sometimes my brother and I, loitering around with a shifty look in their eyes he was wont to say 'What are you two 'erberts up to?'

I imagine this is where they lived, along with their mate:

In other news...

Well, I have my car back, well most of it, there's maybe a dozen bits missing, including an air filter housing. You'd think they would have noticed.

But it's on the road! And I grin every time I drive it!

Just in time for the exponential rise in fuel prices expected now we're out of Europe.


I still haven't tried out my bivvy yet, but enjoyed a couple of outings along the canal/River Gade South from Kings Langley, stopping once for a 'full english' at the Kings Lodge Hunton Bridge.

Nice picture courtesy of TheMadToad


Nearly enjoyed a walk around Nower Hill...

...marred only by bags of dog poo tied to a fence (why?)...

...and a footpath completely flooded with engine oil.

Nice to get out though.

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