Friday, 6 May 2016

Chasing bluebells on Mayday


Five peaceful miles around Wendover 


Aah, Spring.

Map data courtesy of OS

Did you know that Spring was once called 'Lent'?

The weather was perfect for a jaunt from Wendover in a hunt for views and bluebells.

Bacombe Hill provided the views

Linton's and Fugsdon Woods provided the bluebells.

Driving in to Wendover the kites were numerous and low flying, gliding effortlessly just above the trees.
When I parked and headed in the other direction, not one was nearer than a speck in the distance.

Also spotted and were muntjac deer, a green woodpecker and various other tits and sparrows and such.

Which way now?
Almost all of whom were too quick for my camera.

Sitting in the woods enjoying a banana, there were no other sounds but birdsong.

Much relax.

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