Thursday, 15 October 2015

Old cars

My old car, the one that I bought to drive around in and ended up as a 10 year restoration project, the same car that an executive decision had to be made about, is finally FINALLY! nearing it's completion.

It started off as a present from my wife in about 1996 and despite the rust and running problems I enjoyed driving it until I decided to sort out the leaky windscreen.

The glass should have been held in with a thermal adhesive, but over the years this had failed and the windscreen flapped in the wind.

Ten I thought I'd sort out the foot-wells, then the sills. the wings....

'A' post

Things were being done, but just not fast enough.

It didn't help I had no garage. And then family illness, two deaths..

Ten years went by. It looked like the car would have to go one way or another.

The passing of my Mother gave me a little money, enough to pay off the mortgage and settle some debts, and enough for kid's education. What was left should be more than enough to sort the car out.

I was very lucky to find the excellent AV Classics near Whipsnade. That was a year ago.

It's taken a little longer than estimated because the company who make body panels for my car were going through difficulties.

Nomatter. Things are looking rosy, or should I say a nice metallic blue!

Cant wait.

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