Thursday, 25 June 2015

Father's Day - the Summer Solstice

My son came home from uni this weekend, after three years study.

The two brothers together again. They have such fun together, like they've never been apart.

At dinner we were joined by the fifth member of our family, Sunayana, another uni veteran. What a good evening.

Sunday I was up early and took a 4 1/2 mile stroll around Bentley Priory with my better half, that was so nice.

The afternoon lunch was crowned by surprise gifts and cards from the offspring. I felt thoroughly spoilt. Even an apologetic phone call from a mate asking for a tow off the A406 didn't dampen my spirits.


Saturday I'd visited my wreck of a Sunbeam at AV Classic Cars to see how the resto was progressing. It was good to see that finally the 40+ years of weather induced rot was being dealt with. and I got to meet my newly rebuilt carburettors!

The only dampener are the aches in my leg muscles from all the training I'm doing, getting fit for Scotland!
Ah well, can't have it all... 

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