Saturday, 9 May 2015

Start of training

Last weekend I filled 'Old Trusty', my 20 year old Karrimor Jaguar with 15 kg of 'stuff' to start training.

The plan is to use the footbridge over the A.40 near work to get fit for the Summer walk.

It's 6 m high. If I can build up to climbing the thing a mere 221 times then that will ensure I can climb Ben Nevis!

Well, that's my lunch times sorted for the next three months...

But before I start, I tried Harrow Hill.

Four miles and several climbs later I was glad to get home.

Oh dear...

I'm sure it'll turn out alright.

Well, pretty sure.

Well, pretty hopeful.. 15kg is just a training weight... The final pack weight isn't going to weigh that much.

Is It...?


The Trailblazer guide turned up this week. It's pretty amazing, packed as it is with pretty much all the information, including flora and fauna you're likely to meet. Town guides, all sorts of practical information, a bit of history and hand drawn, heavily annotated maps of the entire walk and Ben Nevis, supply points, advice on LNT camping, accommodation... the list goes on. This will be very useful.

Ronald turnbull's 'Not the West Highland Way' also arrived. I've only briefly dipped into this so far but it looks like it's a guide for the entire area. Should've booked a month off!

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