Monday, 18 September 2017

Test ride around the parks.


Next year the plan is to cycle either the Pennine Cycleway (National Route 68) or the Pennine Bridleway National Trail.

Depending on how fit we are.

For a taste of 'cycling all day' I planned a tour of the local parks.

Not that strenuous but a start.

the planned route was about 35 miles.

It turned out to be quite interesting.

We came across some unexpected sites...

...and we visited parts of the neighbourhood we didn't know existed.

It should have been a bit of a stretch for a pair that don't regularly cycle much over 4 miles at a time.

But in about 5 hours we actually managed less than half (~14 miles) before we ran out of time (I was cooking that night!). We did stop for lunch, mind.

Considering the Cycleway is 327 miles and the Bridleway 205, I'd say we have a lot of work to do.

Our bikes are also a worry. Mine's not exactly top of the range (see here) and David's is more of a town bike.

But to buy better bikes or hire better bikes for the whole trip, at least until we know whether we're going to do more of this kind of thing, is more than I'd want to spend.
Complete planned route:

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