Tuesday, 8 August 2017

An update



A busy year so far.

A mind blowing trip to Japan, which I'm still recovering from; it was so 'whistle stop' that I'm still waiting for the thoughts in my head to coalesce so I can write the trip report!


My car made it's first AGM visit at the Nene Valley Railway


A walk in the woods (Bentley Priory Circular)

Very relaxing.


Courtesy of a hot Summer I've begun my 'year of micro adventures' in June. Although not really an adventure:

The weather was so hot I was driven to sleep in the garden to keep cool. The trouble was, that's where the biting insects live...

The adventure continued in July with a weekend under canvas at my car club's annual get together.

Series 1 Rapier, just back from the Mille Miglia

Fastback with a Rover V8 transplant

Series V, ready to rally

Mr. W (as he's become known)

Among the Lightnings & Buccaneers
was this Shackleton, whose engines they ran.
Still not really a micro-adventure, but it gave me my 'under canvas' fix... I wonder what I can do for August.

Looking forward to the GBBF at the end of the week.

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