Saturday, 11 April 2015

Testing testing...

I went on a test stroll Easter Monday to check how unfit I am, to gauge how much work I have to do before the Summer.
Data courtesy of Ordnance Survey

Eight miles around Ivanhoe Beacon.

I thought I'd get away from the crowds.


Apart from aching feet and slightly glowing leg muscles, I thought not to shabby.

Lots of...
...of all...
However, the footbeds inside (or rather under where the footbeds fit) inside my cheap Blacks boots are beginning to disintegrate, and I'll need some replacements soon.

The trouble is I have feet shaped like a duck: Broad at the front, narrow heel, with a low volume. Oh, and a high arch. Where on earth am I to get boots to fit?

Maybe I'll look at lightweight fabric boots from New Balance, Keen, ...

The ideal would be nice expensive custom made ones.

Comments invited.

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